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dB Technology have decided to ensure our web pages comply with the W3C recommendations for correctly formatted XHTML and stylesheets.

This policy means these web pages will display properly in the latest browsers, for example Firefox or Opera.

Internet Explorer users may find their browsers don't display the "cool" pages properly, and we suggest using the "warm" style instead.

Website Compatibility

This website has been validated and found to be compatible with Firefox and Opera.

File formats:

As a matter of principle we do not support proprietory file formats for inter-company communications. As a rule we will supply:

For more information see:- Wikipedia open documents or Open Office. We are also happy to accept documents in plain text, CSV and most Open Source / Linux formats (e.g. Open Office, K Office, Abiword, Gnumeric). We can read Microsoft file formats if necessary. Internally we use Lotus Smartsuite formats (.lwp - Lotus Word Pro and .123 - Lotus 123)

Open Source:

We share the community ethos of Open Source software. We run Linux servers and we are hoping to migrate to Linux on the desktop. Our sticking point at the moment is that we have a vast amount of software design invested in Lotus Word Pro, Lotus 123 and Lotus Approach (all incorporating LotusScript) for automatic test, calibration, quality control and data collection tasks. Despite their support of Linux in some areas IBM/Lotus has not provided a port of Lotus Smartsuite for Linux. Lotus Smartsuite also will not run under WINE.

We are not software engineers here but we have some in-house experience of C++, Basic and LotusScript.