Typical Tests and Facilities


Radiated tests

One of ourAnechoic Chambers is usually required for the radiated tests, though the GTEM can also be used in more restricted circumstances.

Radiated Emission tests from 9kHz to 18GHz E-Field and 9kHz to 30MHz H-Field can be measured in our facilities.

RF Immunity tests covering DC to 100kHz magnetic field and DC to 2.5GHz electric field (or 18GHz by arrangement) can be performed on site.

Here is a typical RF Immunity setup using the Chase X-Wing bilog aerial providing a 10V/m field at 3m.

RF Immunity Testing

Follow the link below for more information about good design practice.

Best Practice

Conducted tests

The conducted tests are usually performed in the Screened Room and dB Technology can offer many variations on the typical test program outlined here. Please ask us if you have atypical requirements.

Conducted Emissions:- a receiver is used to check Mains and Ethernet conducted emissions from 150kHz to 30MHz.

Conducted RF Immunity:- a signal generator sweeps an RF amplifier from 150kHz to 80MHz. The output is coupled to mains and or signal cables attached to the EUT.

Electrical Fast Transients:- high voltage 0.5-2kV pulses are injected into the mains and signal cables attached to the EUT. Electrical Fast Transients may go up to 4.5kV if required.

Harmonics and Flicker equipment monitors emissions from the mains supply in the EUT.

Surge at typically 1-2kV but possibly as high as 4.5kV can be applied to mains and long/exterior cables.

Voltage Dips and Interruptions with variable programmable parameters.

Electro-Static Discharge at 4kV contact and 8kV air is typically performed, though we can double these parameters if required.

We can offer Magnetic Field Immunity for both commercial and military specifications.


We can test to most commercial EMC/Radio specifications and to a significant number of Military, Aviation, Shipping and Automotive specifications. In some cases this may be limited to pre-testing only.

Other equipment and facilities

Various Coupling and Decoupling Networks (CDN's) and Line Impedance Stabilisation Networks (LISNs) for both commercial and military testing.

We have an Environmental Chamber for temperature (but not humidity) testing. Internal dimensions: 0.5m cubed, Temperature Range: -40°C to +130°C, Heating Rate: 2°C/min, Cooling Rate: 2.4°C/min, Load Heat Dissipation: 125W at -20°C.