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Test Engineers

All our senior test engineers, have over 10 years experience of testing to a wide range of standards, including both Commercial and Military specifications. This has given them much experience of fixing EMC problems. Our primary aim is to assist the client in reaching a cost-effective solution.

Stephen Browning B.Sc, Pg.Dip.

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Stephen has more than 10 years experience of system test, ATE development and manufacturing test with a particular emphasis on trunk communications equipment. In addition to this he has worked in IT related customer support for over 10 years including UK wide field installation and maintenance.

Russell McDonnell

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Russell has over 20 years experience of hardware production and test in many electronic companies in Cambridge. As a Production Manager he used to enjoy getting prototype circuits and electronic devices into full production, and is now enjoying the challenge of EMC test from the other side of the fence!

He is also now the webmaster for this web site, so any comments and improvements you can suggest are more than welcome.

Claire Arber B.Sc

Claire has been with dB Technology for the last 12 years overseeing the day to day running and organisation of the business. She has a first class honours degree in Biomedical Science and her previous role of project management within the pharmaceutical industry has stood her in good stead for scheduling tasks on and off site.

Derek Barlow B.Sc, C.Eng, MIEE

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Derek is the principal consulting engineer of dB Technology which he has run successfully for 19 years. Prior to that he spent 7 years in the field of EMC with the Philips group. When there as Principal Electronics Engineer, he became highly regarded as the company's EMC ‘guru’. He led the design of many cost-effective products with an EMC performance second to none.

His knowledge and ability to put EMC principles across in an interesting way led to an increasing number of IEE Vacation School lectures which he is now often requested to present to clients in industry.

Despite success with last minute EMC ‘fixes’, Derek advises that it is more cost-effective to consider EMC at the initial concept stage when compliance can be met by good design, NOT the use of expensive materials, components or techniques. With his systems design experience, Derek is well qualified to make such input regarding EMC, from the concept stage through development to implementation. He says:

The solution of EMC problems should be made convenient and cost effective for the client.

Dave Smith B.Sc, M.Sc.

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Dave has over 10 years of EMC design and approvals experience and is the company's expert regarding the United States’ FCC regulations. He has first-hand experience of producing submission documentation for FCC Certification - a service which we are glad to be able to provide for our clients. He was the prime mover in achieving FCC registration of the test site. He has developed excellent in house programs and macros to speed up and make more professional our calibration, radiated emissions, and RF immunity process.

Peter Barlow B.Sc,

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Peter has been working at the site for the last ten years. Initially during summer vacations and latterly as a fully qualified member of staff sponsored through his degree course. Peter has already gained a BTEC and HND in Motor Vehicle Engineering, and recently achieved a first class honours degree in Electronics. Peter has many years experience of testing to commercial standards and tends to be involved in all of the Automotive work we carry out. Peter is also involved in our calibration work with Dave Smith.

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