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A stitch in time...

EMC / design consultancy at an early stage in the development cycle is invariably the most cost-effective approach. This enables potential problem areas to be identified at a stage when fundamental aspects of the design are still being formulated. Heading off problems at this stage and implementing solutions in the basic design brings great benefits:-

dB Technology can provide timely advice in respect of a wide range of design issues in order to improve your chances of getting it "right first time". Where particularly difficult issues need to be resolved we can provide the necessary facilities for iterative development testing. Whether the issues reside in electronics hardware, software or mechanical design we have the experience to put you on the right track.

This means you!

we need you

Whenever you come to dB Technology, it is vital that you are properly prepared. This means you should bring with you

Other Considerations

You must ensure that your product can be operated as required during testing. This means that all functions must be fully exercised (e.g. data transfer, printing etc) in such a way as to represent a reasonable "worst case" operating mode.

If we are performing immunity tests on your product (subjecting your product to sources of interference) then we need a method by which to monitor the extent to which the product is affected by such tests. You need to have considered carefully the parameters that need to be monitored and any deviations of these paramenters that are deemed to be acceptable from a performance point of view. We need to be provided with sufficient information (and specialised monitoring equipment, if required) to be able to make these assessments.

Best practice

Best practice is a page of information about common cable and enclosure problems and how to fix them.