GTEM cell now operational!

we are pleased to confirm that we have a fully functioning GTEM cell, calibrated and ready for work.


The GTEM Cell is useful for:

Gigahertz Transverse Electro-Magnetic Cell


Our GTEM cell offers the possibility of both emissions and immunity measurement, from DC to GHz. It may be a more convenient facility for remedial work as it tends to have a shorter booking lead time than the other chambers.

Any relatively small reasonably self contained EUT less than 500mm on all sides may be tested in the GTEM. It is particularly useful for relative measurements where a problem has already been identified, as this can often then be reproduced in the GTEM cell, and experiments made on the EUT until clear improvement is made.

The GTEM cell does have some drawbacks to be borne in mind. Though designed to be a uniform field throughout, EUT's significantly over 500mm may experience large and apparently random variations of field strength. Cables will have a significant effect depending on whether they are horizontally or vertically aligned, and how near to the floor they are. Very careful attention must therefore be paid to cable layout.

Some standards specify the use of a TEM (or GTEM) Cell, in which case this equipment is clearly the facility to use. Such standards define cable layout precisely.