Information to the user

You should refer to Part 15.21 and 15.105 of CFR47 and add appropriate information to the user manual, as specified by these sections.



Before exporting equipment it is important to refer to the labelling and documentation requirements of the FCC.

The FCC logo is often mistakenly attached to products. Only products that have completed the Declaration of Conformity route are permitted / required to attach the logo.

Aside from the FCC logo there are other labelling requirements specified in CFR47. The links to the left of this page will take you to the FCC page which describes these requirements. Alternatively, you can refer directly to CFR47:

Import documentation

You are required to fill out FCC Form 740 when importing radio frequency devices to the USA (this includes both intentional and unintentional radiators). You must be careful when completing Part II of the form to put a cross in the correct box. Mark Box 1 if you have completed the Certification route . Mark Box 2 if you have gone through either the Verification or Declaration of Conformity routes.