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GDPR and Privacy Statement

GDPR - The law is changing. From the 25th May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect. This changes UK data privacy law. GDPR statement

dB Technology (Cambridge) Ltd respects your privacy with respect to the information collected from this site and does not provide or publish this information to any third parties.

In normal practice, some browsed information is collected automatically. Your IP address, visited web pages, time of request, browser type and URL of the web page you arrived from are likely to be logged for statistical analysis, and to improve website administration.

No cookies are employed when you browse this website, and their use is restricted to a local tea server.


Most of this dB Technology (Cambridge) Ltd web site is protected by international copyright laws.

Printing or downloading material from different areas of this web site for your own non-commercial use is permitted provided that credit is given to dB Technology (Cambridge) Ltd


This site and related information is provided "as is" by dB Technology (Cambridge) Ltd, without express or implied warranties, representations or endorsements.

The information is provided in good faith, with no guarantee of accuracy. Competent technical advice and source material should be consulted, before acting on information provided, as specific circumstances may affect the applicability of technical solutions. dB Technology (Cambridge) Ltd accepts no responsibility for any consequences arising from the use of information contained on this web site.

dB Technology (Cambridge) Ltd cannot guarantee that files downloaded through the Site will be free of infection or viruses, (worms, Trojan horses or other malicious code). The user is responsible for implementing anti-virus measures, and dBTechnology recommends the user always has a clean backup to reconstruct lost data.

dB Technology (Cambridge) Ltd makes no representations or endorsements whatsoever about any other web site, linked from, or linking to this web site as they and their content are completely independedent from dB Technology and our control.