Chamber Connections


Connectors and cables

Whilst we have a large selection of different cable types we encourage our clients to bring along their own full set of cables. This is important as the cables will often form part of the system to be sold and the client has a responsibility to prove the system in its entirety. If it becomes necessary we will help out with cables and adapters to the best of our ability. We also have a range of inter-series adapters for RF co-axial connectors.

Where it is not possible to use the underfloor/turntable connectors a patch panel is available in the chamber wall. Use of this patch panel will require cables >4m long (>6m long if required to pass through the 20mm diameter waveguide for connection to external equipment). The patch panel connectors consist of: 1xN-type, 2xBNC, filtered 9-way and 15-way D-types, unfiltered 9-way and 25-way D-types. There is also a 20mm diameter waveguide for small diameter cables such as Ethernet.

Turntable connectors

Underfloor wiring diagram

Control room to turntable

Cables are routed under the floor from the control room to the centre of the turntable using high quality shielded cables. All connectors at both ends are female with colour coded positions and are:

D-type wiring

The D-types are each connected with Gigabit Ethernet capable CAT5e. The four twisted pairs are connected to D-type pins 2 and 6, 3 and 7, 4 and 8, 5 and 9. Pin one is connected to a 75R co-axial core which could be used for AV signals. Both ethernet and 75R co-ax cable screens are attached to the D-type shell. The Control room connectors are the same in all respects.

If possible please bring your cables of around 1.5m minimum to 2.5m for connection to the sockets at either end.