Anechoic Chamber 2


Control Room 2

Second Control Room

This Control Room has facilities for remote control of a turntable in the second Anechoic Chamber, and remote video monitoring of the Equipment Under Test.

More Conducted Tests

The GTEM Area

Expanding the facilities for Conducted tests is a parallel objective at dB Technology, enabling faster test turn around.

As we also offer an off site testing service, test equipment resources have been improved, as we are building in some equipment redundancy for calibration and possible breakdown.

Anechoic Chamber 2

anechoic 2

The second Anechoic Chamber facility is relatively new to dB Technology, and is nearly fully anechoic, in that ferrite (RF absorbent material) is attached to all the walls and ceiling, and a significant portion of the floor. The large turntable is motorised, and we have a general purpose video monitoring system.

We have some in-house engineered pnuematic controls that provide for remote aerial rotation, and a motorised mast allowing measurements to be made at different heights, to further improve the accuracy with which we can pre-qualify your product.

aerial pnumatics chamber2 equipment under test

We have found with the increase of demand for our Anechoic chambers, that more conducted tests are required. We have bought lots more test equipment, and are generally able to run most conducted tests required, without any delays in testing due to equipment shortages, or lack of conducted facilities

Check out the GTEM facility, and other capabilities.