Semi-Anechoic Chamber


Second Anechoic

Second Anechoic Chamber

We have a second anechoic chamber. Take a look!

Control room

The control room is the nerve centre for operations in the Semi-anechoic chamber.

Control Room

Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring facilities are provided for Radiated tests of equipment placed in the screened Semi-Anechoic chamber on the turntable.

Equipment under test in the chamber is rotated remotely from the Control Room while being screened for RF emissions.

An RF amplifier in the Control Room is also used to irradiate the EUT for RF Immunity testing while recording any anomalies in operation.

Semi-Anechoic Chamber

The semi-anechoic chamber is used for radiated tests which include both radiated emissions and radiated immunity. Borderline emissions measurements in the semi-anechoic chamber are specifically measured on the OATS.

Anechoic Chamber

Getting in

The main double doors into the chamber are 1.95m by 1.18m. Ramps lead to the turntable which has a diameter of 3m and a load capacity of 1 ton.

Connectors and cables

Details of connections

Cables are routed under the floor from the control room to the centre of the turntable. This allows connection of equipment outside of the screened test area.